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NCOP forms to bring/fill out

Forms to fill out prior to NCOP:

The AF Form 28 is required for you to participate in NCOP 19 and ROTC.  The only exception is if you are an AFROTC high school scholarship winner and have a qualified DODMERB.

Print out and have a doctor complete the document and either mail to the Detachment or bring the form with you to NCOP 19. Ensure that your doctor completes Block 11 of this form.

If you do not send or bring your Sports Physical you will not be able to participate during NCOP or ROTC. 

AFROTC FORM28 – Sports Physical  (if document does not load, download document and open in folder to print)

Once completed, mail to the detachment or bring with you to NCOP:

Air Force ROTC Det 720
The Pennsylvania State University
109 Wagner Building
University Park PA 16802-3800

Forms to bring to NCOP:

Bring the originals of the following documents for the first day of NCOP.

Name Change Documentation
We must record your name exactly as it appears on your birth certificate.  If you have had or anticipate a name change, please submit all legal papers to our office before arriving.

Birth Certificate/Proof of Citizenship (Original Only) – no copies
If you were born in the United States, you need to submit an original birth certificate to our office. DO NOT BRING A COPY. Or, you can bring an original statement of citizenship showing your name (exactly as recorded on your birth certificate), date and place of birth, certificate number, and the date it was filed in the Office of Vital Statistics.
If you were born outside of the United States to US Citizens or Naturalized Citizen, you need to submit an original naturalization documents (I.e. Form FS-240, Report of Birth Abroad, DS-1350, Certificate of Birth, INS N-560A or N-561, Certificates of Citizenship). For additional assistance contact our detachment office at 814-865-5453.

Selective Service Card (Males 18 years and older only)
If you do not have this, you can get a print out from

Social Security Card (Original ONLY) – no copies will be accepted

Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps-JROTC (certificate or HS transcript), Civil Air Patrol-CAP (certificate) and/or Eagle Scout or Girl Scout Gold Award documentation (card/certificate) (if applicable)



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Address: 109 Wagner Building

University Park, PA 16802-3801

Phone: 814-865-5453


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