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 High School Scholarship Cadet

To Do List

Congratulations on earning a Air Force ROTC High School Scholarship. We are excited you have decided to attend The Pennsylvania State University and Detachment 720!  There are many things to do to get ready to come to college but we want to make sure you have everything ready for your arrival here so we can activate you scholarship as soon as possible.  Below are items to do and FAQs to help make this journey smooth.  If you have any questions along the way please contact our Administrative Assistant at

  • Each of you must complete your DODMerb physicals through to the QUALIFIED current medical status.  This process should have been started shortly after you completed your acceptance of scholarship on the online portal.
  • Return to this site to check your status.  If you have a remedial requested there are more steps for you to complete or more information required.  Contact the Detachment at 814-865-5454 if you have questions on next steps.
  • You MUST have a qualified status for your scholarship to be activated.  Completing the evaluation is your responsibility and failure to complete your DODMerb will delay your tuition bill being paid.
Reporting Civil Involvements

Each cadet is required to notify the Detachment of any Civil Involvements they have had with school, civilian or military authorities.  This includes tickets (not parking), suspensions etc.

If you have had any involvements that you need to report, be prepared to provide the following information regarding the incident:

State/locality where the incident occurred

Month and year of incident

An explanation of events leading to the violation

Result of the violation (fine, probation, suspension etc)

Scholarship Financial Overview

As the semester start date draws closer you will be contacted by the Detachment NCO office to complete documents to have your pay and tuition benefits begun.  Complete these per the instructions provided to ensure that your financials are set up correctly.

AFROTC pays stipend and tuition benefits after the 45th day of the semester.  This impacts you in two ways. 

  1. Your stipend and book allowance will not be deposited into your designated checking account until early October.
    • Your first stipend payment will be prorated back to your start date.
  2. Your Penn State bursar bill should reflect a TPC AIR FORCE code crediting your account your tuition amount.
    • If you do not see this credit code on your Bursar bill from PSU – contact our Administrative Assistant at

You will start to receive an LES (Leave and Earning Statement) each month as well as be able to track your benefits via My Pay, it is your responsibility to monitor your deposits for any discrepancies.  If you find any you will need to report those to the current Pay Monitor who can assist you.



Parental Permissions for students under 18

Will you be 18 years of age before 26 August 2019?

If no, your parents will be required to sign several documents during your in-processing and contracting.

If you are attending NCOP 19, your parents should plan to attend the closing picnic on Friday so that the required paperwork can be signed.  Otherwise paperwork will need to be mailed to them and signed with a notary. 

If this applies to you, contact the Detachment NCO office at 814-865-5454 to make the aware and make any special arrangement you may need.  They will give you more instructions as the semester draws closer.


Privacy Policy

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Address: 109 Wagner Building

University Park, PA 16802-3801

Phone: 814-865-5453


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