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Apply for AFROTC WINGS Account

Only complete if you have NOT been awarded an AFROTC scholarship.

Each cadet is required to apply for and AFROTC WINGS account.  This account will be used by you regularly during your time in AFROTC.  Ensure that your password is available to you and kept current as you will be required to log in for various actions to keep you eligible for our program. 

The button below will give you directions on how to complete your application. You will only complete through the verification step.  Do NOT complete any To Do list items at this time. 


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Address: 109 Wagner Building

University Park, PA 16802-3801

Phone: 814-865-5453


The Air Force Symbol is a registered trademark. Use of this logo by any non-Federal entity must receive permission from the Air Force Branding and Trademark Licensing Office at Non-Federal entities wishing to use the Air Force Symbol should reference the DoD Guide on the use of Government marks. The link to the guide can be found at Those with a valid CAC may download high-resolution versions of the Symbol from the Air Force Portal. The link to the graphics is located under the “Library and Resources” tab. Guidance on the proper use and display of the Symbol can be found in AFI35-114.

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